Women Health

Post covid 19 pandemic, we see that the health care situation in Maharashtra and the country as a whole is dire. Also, health and other services provided to women during pregnancy and childbirth fall under essential services. Various initiatives and schemes of the Government of Maharashtra are underway to improve maternal health in the tribal areas of Maharashtra. But due to the Covid situation, it seems that there has been some break in this. Financial benefit schemes especially for these women are getting delayed in reaching them. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to reach maternal health services and schemes for them.

While pursuing this objective, local village/community representatives and community women should take the initiative and actively participate in solving these issues. 15 tribal villages of Parwa Primary Health Center in Ghatji taluka were taken and information of 153 pregnant and lactating women was collected. The following issues came up in it. 

  • Blood test for HB was not done

  • A urine test was not performed

  • Not weighed and hight

  • Pregnant women are not given red pills

  • Abdominal examination was not performed

  • HIV test not done

  • Amrut Ahar Yojana does not provide food

  • No examination by gynecologist

  • Sonography of the woman was not done

  • Sonography done in private but not getting money

Beneficiaries deprived of maternity rights schemes

  • Pradhan Mantri Matrutv Vandna Yojana 

  • Janani Surksha Yojana 

  • Budit Majuri Yojana 

  • Matrutv Anudan Yojana 

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