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Relief to Flood Affected People

Monsoon ravages parts of Maharashtra as soon as it sets in, causing more harm than good. The districts of Sangli, Kolapur, Yavatmal and Wardha have faced similar natural calamities in the last three years. This includes flooding of vulnerable communities, breaking dams, submerging houses, damaging crops and land. These floods have increased the challenges faced by women, children and the elderly. Those who are more vulnerable in times of crisis and do not have access to basic needs like food, sanitation, health care etc. As a result, many people are displaced, and some people fall victim to epidemics, so there is an urgent need to help such people. Since the last three years, the organization has been helping the people affected by such natural calamities through local workers. In its primary form, the organization is working to deliver health care, ration kits, sanitation kits, clothes and warm clothes and has helped 1,400 needy people in these four districts. 260 children have been given educational materials

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