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The problem of aging is a burning issue in modern India. This raises the question of self-defense of the elderly. The joint family consisted of more than two generations. Accommodation, food, religion, property, etc. were all in the hands of the men, children, the sick, the disabled, widows and the elderly were provided all the facilities in this joint family, but modernization has intensified the problems of the elderly. Also, the change in the rural community has resulted in the problem of old age. Old age has a place of honor in the rural community. The role of old age was important in Gram Panchayat, Nyay Panchayat, etc. But new technologies and industrialization have changed the rural economy. That is why there are so many problems for the elderly.

Also unskilled workers, small farmers, small traders, senior working class people face many problems. Body fatigue reduces efficiency; no hard work can be done. We have to live a life of dependency. Seniors face financial and health problems as well as mental health problems, during which time forgetfulness increases, feelings of inferiority develop and insecurity is felt. Many families in rural areas have migrated to the city, which has created a problem for the elderly due to lack of space in the city. Therefore, some old people are living a monastic life and some old people are living a single life.

Elderly people in the community are being helped as follows

  •  Help them with health related problems

  •  Financial assistance for daily living

  •  To provide them with the benefit of social security schemes

  •  To follow up at the Government level regarding the upcoming Bills of Social Security Scheme.

  •  Also to make efforts for their rehabilitation at community level

  •  Regular home visits and building a sense of belonging among family members.

  •  Working to alleviate their loneliness.

  •  Tools for their economic, social and psychological development through collective action by forming unions at the village level.

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