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Covid-19 relief work

Government of India imposed lockdown on 23rd March, 2020 to check the spread of infection of Corona Virus. The borders of state and districts were sealed, all the private and government employment were at risk, economic cycle disrupted badly but it was necessary to be done by the Government for the safety of its population.

The situation of Covid-19 pandemic was same all over the country. Many have lost their employment; many came in a state of starvation but there was no other go than following the rules of government. Auto drivers, wage labors, artists, coolie, students and migrants to be stuck in the vicious circle of Corona Virus pandemic. Many generous and kind hearted people and organizations joined hands with government to face the never seen situation.


Support will help surviving people in corona crisis


Rasikashraya also mobilized donations from individuals, organizations and reached the support to the doorstep of needy people.

Helpdesk helpline and outreach program

Corona has frightened the mankind all over the world. Anybody feeling cold or feverish began to think of infection of Corona Virus. Private doctors were not entertaining the patients even though in normal case and people had to rush to government hospitals. At one point of time government hospitals began to full with patients having Corona symptoms. Patients of other diseases were neglected.

Large private hospitals who got recognition from government for treating Corona patients have literally plundered the common man. Since, people lack knowledge of Right to information they were unable to make way under this situation. Rasikashraya with support of Saathi, Pune Helpdesk and Helpline started for outreach in Rural Hospital, Ghatanji for five months period. People extended support is tabled below.

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Support for PHC and Health Staff

CORONA Virus the deadly disease caught the whole world, started in China and then broke up in India in the third week of March, 2020. Government of India imposed the lock down all of a sudden for checking the spread of this pandemic. Understanding its social responsibility Rasikashraya joined hands with Government in this critical situation and provided immediate support to the health staff of four PHCs and 28 Sub-Centre’s of the Ghatanji block. It has provided 100 numbers of Masks, 20 numbers of bottles of Sanitizer, 5 numbers of Hand wash can, 50 numbers of Dettol soap and 5 litres of Phenyl. Later on it has also provided 480 numbers of Apron and 1000 numbers of Mask to the Anganwadi teachers, Asha workers of the block. Out of the total expenditure of Rs. 92000/- incurred on this activity, partially was borne by Rasikashraya.    

Position or ration and nutrition in covid period 

A program was run for three months with support of Saathi, Pune for getting free nutrition and ration by people. This program was run in 29 villages of Ghatanji block with an objective to see whether people are getting free ration or not. It was to see what difficulties are being faced by the distributor of PDS, quality of grains, how many APL and BPL are there in the village, are they getting extra quantum of 5 kg etc. A list of villages who don’t have ration cards was prepared and submitted to Tehsil office through Talathai and gram panchayat. This has helped 274 beneficiaries to receive 5 kg extra grains.

The nutrition was not distributed among eligible people during two months of Corona, therefore an application submitted to Collector through the tehsildar that resulted in receiving nutrition food by deserving families after two months period.     

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