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Family Counseling Center 

Counseling center for counseling of husband and wife separated due to various disputes is run by the organization since 2003. This activity is implemented in all 105 villages of Ghatanji Tehsil. Cases such as dowry demand, marital discord with husband and wife, adultery, personality differences, interference of parents and in-laws, extra-marital relations, alcohol and drug abuse etc. have been dealt with. A total of 1981 cases were dealt with till 31st March 2022 out of which 1507 cases were reconciled, 103 cases and 207 cases were mutually settled.

The following activities are carried out through the Family Counseling and Guidance Center.

  • Counseling of spouses

  • Career guidance

  • Provision of temporary accommodation to needy women

  • Awareness of Domestic Violence Act 2005

  • Entitlement by registering under Domestic Violence Act.

  • Awareness program

  • Mohalla meeting

  • Cleanliness fortnight

  • Nutrition Month Week

  • Vigilance Awareness Week

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