Women empowerment

Rasikashraya has been working for the last 21 years for the social and economic empowerment of women in three talukas namely Ghatanji, Kalamb, Yavatmal and Pandharkavada through the Women's Self Help Group. 204 self help groups have been formed in which 4088 women are participating. Initially they were pursuing loans from banks but now they are self-sufficient.  Because in the last twenty years, they have accumulated so much of their own savings that they do not feel the need to take loan assistance and pay interest. As a result, their economic development is booming. In it, he has read various social issues on grass. To formulate rights based questions by participating in various committees at village level. For example, women's groups are taking up the issue for alcohol ban, public health, malnutrition, Voilance of women, drinking matches, Hagandari Mukta Gaon, Abhiyan, etc.The organization is also working towards creating entrepreneurship among women and promoting agri-business.


Right to Mother and Child health

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