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Community Action for health 

Since 2017, Rasikashraya has conducted public monitoring and planning process on health services in 32 villages of Ghatanji taluka. However, NHM has turned this process into a community action for health since January 2021. The main objective of this is the people's movement for the right to public health run by the people and Rasikashraya is working as the district nodal organization. This process is being implemented in 67 villages in 09 primary health centers in Yavatmal and Ghatanji talukas. It is working for the following major objectives.

  • To create awareness among the people about the rights and duties of public health services available under the National Health Mission

  • To increase community participation in health care planning in order to strengthen the Community Action for Health (CAH) process and increase the sense of responsibility, responsibility and parenting among the local people.

  • To create a responsible, accountable, rights-based society for the people to control public health services as well as to lead public health services.

Assistance of Arogya Doots during spread of Covid-19 pandemic

  • Arogya Doots generated awareness in villages about Corona Virus

  • Arogya Doots helped Health Department in conducting Covid tests, 15002 Covid tests completed in Ghatanji and Yavatmal blocks

  • Supported Covid infected village people in home isolation and in providing medicines