Disability Welfare 

Giving her a bicycle makes her happy 

Success Story

Community based rehabilitation is being carried out by Rasikashraya for the rehabilitations of persons with disability in 30 villages of Ghtanji Taluka of Yavatmal district since last nine years under support of CARITAS, New Delhi. Various programmes and activities are being carried out for 359 persons with disability. Disability Person’s Organizations have been formed in all the project villages through whom work on the rights of disables, livelihood development, education health care and Socialization etc are carrying out. Thus the block level committee has also been formed and district level committee is under formation to address the issue. Efforts are being made to support the out of project PWD’s especially in livelihood and rights of PWD.

  • DPO and Taluka Viklang Sangh are working for disability rights based demand. The DPO is working to sort out the issues through 5% fund, employment, pension, accessibility, PMAY, MREGS.

  • The group of 34 persons with disabilities was linked to financial aid organizations including MSRLM, MHFDC and Bank. This helped them to start employment and to save money.

  • Employment of 218 persons with disabilities has been started and it is now giving partnership to their families.

  • By enrolling 98 students in the school and bringing regularity in it, brought the stagnant education in the stream.

  • Home based education was imparted to 54 children and they were assessed according to their needs, so they have become self-reliant and able to meet their own needs.


Contribute to their family income or wellbeing


Earning sufficient income to meet their earnest needs


They are getting social security benefits


They are participating in socio-cultural activities


The are participating in decision making of the family


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Home Based Education

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