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It is my right to live in this society and enjoy all the facilities

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Project and Program 

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Advancing the underprivileged towards development

Development is 
Our goal
278 + Villages 
2.5+  Lac 
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Help us achieve our goals

If the work we do resonates with you, please donate to help us reach new heights

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Building a better
– together

Reach out of the poor families, Substantially inrease their income and upgrade their quality of life
Our Focuse Area

Strengthening Women Child Health and Nutrition Services

  • Awareness of ANC-PNC, government schemes and nutrition services.
  • By empowering the community through local works. ​
  • Quality improvement in public health and nutrition services.
  • Immediate follow-up of children aged 0 to 3 years by identifying malnutrition.

 Elderly Care

  • Including 700 elderly people
  • Meeting the aspirations and needs of elder people as an important part of the family and community.
  • To create groups of older persons and strive to provide them a better life by meeting their financial, healthcare and social needs through community resource groups.

I got the school bag,
I was very happy

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