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Elderly Care

माझ्या घरी,   माझे पुनर्वसन...

India is second rank in the world in regard to the population of above 60 years of age persons and third above the 80 years of age persons. Lifespan of Indian people has been enhanced by 18 years in last five decades and the population of persons above 60 years of age has been increased three- fold. As per census 2011 population of 60+age people were 103.83 million and predicted that it may increase up to 178.59 till 2031 at this growth rate of population. The old age population is 47 % in rural area and 20.5 % in urban area.


Efficiency began to decline in old age. The old age people generally suffer from mental problems and face problems of oblivion, inferiority complex and emotions of loneliness. People have to face many problems in old age in which some prominent are shelter, food, medicine etc. The health problems like problems related to heart, high blood pressure, problems of blood vessels, sugar, non-communicable deceases also annoy in the old age. The old age people have also to face the challenges like economical condition, position of public health services, lack of health insurance and also inadequate number of old age homes. Rasikashraya has identified these challenges and started working for old age people with an activity of elderly care since last three years.Today there are 700 old age people whose care is been taken. Fulfilling the needs and aspirations of old age people is the aim of the project. Rasikashraya is making efforts to fulfill financial, health and social needs old age people and support them in leading good life by forming them in to groups.


Rasikashraya has extended support to 418 old age people in conducting cataract surgery and 216 old age people have been linked with government schemes. More than 190 old age people have been provided with health services, miscellaneous repairs of houses of 23 old age people has been done and the houses were built for two of them. Rasikashraya is providing Ration kits and small monetary support to old age people time to time.

Meet of
Hon Shri Devendra Fadnvis,

Deputy Chief Minister, State of Maharashtra 

A trip to Mumbai was organized for the poor elderly through Rasikashray, during which the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State Hon. Met Shri Devendraji Fadnavis. While discussing with him, I was informed that the pension given to the elderly is very less in the state, but he immediately took notice and gave an increase of Rs. 500 in the next financial budget.

Jivachi Mumbai


478+ Catract Surgery of   Elderly Persons

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