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We are committed

to ensuring that

No Child is Deprived of Education

We believe that the children are the future of the Country. More they are educationally stronger more they will contribution in country’s wellbeing. This can be accomplished by providing them quality education, nourishment and safe atmosphere. Rasikashraya’s educational efforts are supporting children in advancing them towards achieving their ambitions. It works with various levels like guardians, teachers, Anganwadi workers, community etc., for fulfilling needs of children. This has really helped in changing lives of more than 3000 children. A joyful, healthy and creative child whose rights are reserved with justice and equality.

For this purpose,Rasikashraya has been working for children in slum areas for providing them pre-primary education, paying fees for poor and needy children in getting entry in college, hostels and competitive exams, providing teaching aids and also guide them for career and provide information about health, nourishment, child labour and sexual abuse. It also enhances capability of people in taking responsibility of children who are deprived of any skills thereby, they can find solutions for their development themselves individually or through community action. 


School Kit 

Notebooks and other school materials are not available due to poverty, disinterest in education and some other reasons. Rasikashray has been working to provide school kits to such children for the past two years, including those without parents, farm laborers, landless, disabled, blind, addicted parents and underprivileged children.

In the last two academic years, 663 children from tribal areas in 46 villages were given school kits.


Educational Support 

My father passed away when I was young, somehow I was able to complete my graduation by getting a wages, then I wanted to do my post graduation but due to financial situation it was not possible, Rasikashray helped me to complete my education by paying hostel fees for MSW at Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.  And today I am doing a good paying job in a company, I would not have been able to pursue further education if Rasikashray had not helped me.


Hitesh Bhoyar

Asia Resudebt, Dakberg


  • Exploitation/Sexual Abuse, Shelter, Child Labour, Medical Aid, Child Marriage, Missing, Child, Begging Child, Sponsorship through various programs/projects is our continuity.

  • Impacted more than 4804 children in rural tribal areas to develop life skills education.

  • REMS has been established by RSKBS since 2000 to provide facilities of pre-primary education to children in slum areas, thereby impacting thousands of underprivileged and underprivileged children by imparting quality and happy education.

  • RSKBS has influenced more than 653 underprivileged children in tribal areas for education through school materials (KEET).

  • 23 poor needy students were admitted by paying college, hostel, competitive examination fees, so 11 children are doing jobs and business after completing their education.

  • 923 Adolescent girls have been impacted by information on the changes in adolescence through the “Gooj Goshti” initiative.

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