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Community Health

  • Brought about vaccination of 14601 people and could enhance vaccination percentage of both the doses in Parva PHC from 40 % to 93 % and in Rampur PHC from 39 % to 95 %.

  • Jan Arogya Committees (JAS) have been established and operationalized in 68 sub-centres, 15 Finance Commissions and Gram Panchayats are taking initiatives to strengthen health institutions as part of accountability.

  • Capacity building impact on VHNSC committee members of 253 villages resulted in 67% regularity of committee meetings, increased activeness in planning of village health issue.

  • Status of Women and Child Health Services increased by 14% and inspections by 10%. In terms of financial benefits, there has been an increase of 40% in Pradhan Mantri Matrutva Vandan Yojana, 57% in Janani Suraksha Yojana and 63% in Budit Majuri Yojana. Some strategic decisions were taken to plan all these services and economic benefits and maternal and child health services were strengthened.

Disability and Inclusion  

  • 38 DPOs have been created in 30 villages, their capacity developed and empowered to address their needs through their own means.

  • 98 children with disabilities have been brought into the education stream and 253 youth have been created employment opportunities due to the skill development impact.

  • 218 persons with disabilities have been given employment opportunities, 89% of persons with disabilities are contributing to the family, while 96% of persons with disabilities are contributing to the society by participating in social and cultural programs.


NRM & Climate Change 

  • Total cubic meter work 354964

  • A total of 601 farmers have benefited from deepening and widening of 19.6 canals as well as river revitalization work.

  • 431 farmers added silt to 851 acres of land resulting in increased soil fertility.

  • 842 acres of land came under irrigation.

  • Sustained increase in water storage of 412 wells and borewells.

  • Water storage of 176.62 TCM was made available in dams and ponds.

  • Due to application of silt in agriculture, the fertility of the land has increased, and the income of the farmers has increased sustainably due to water storage.

  • Parwa village in Ghatanji block has been freed from 17 years of water tankers.



  • Exploitation/Sexual Abuse, Shelter, Child Labour, Medical Aid, Child Marriage, Missing, Child, Begging Child, Sponsorship through various programs/projects is our continuity.

  • Impacted more than 4804 children in rural tribal areas to develop life skills education.

  • REMS has been established by RSKBS since 2000 to provide facilities of pre-primary education to children in slum areas, thereby impacting thousands of underprivileged and underprivileged children by imparting quality and happy education.

  • RSKBS has influenced more than 650 underprivileged children in tribal areas for education through school materials (KEET).

  • 23 poor needy students were admitted by paying college, hostel, competitive examination fees, so 11 children are doing jobs and business after completing their education.

  • 923 Adolescent girls have been impacted by information on the changes in adolescence through the “Gooj Goshti” initiative.


Women Empowerment

  • 650 groups with 8526 women members through RSKBS facility. To increase the participation and representation of women in the overall development and decision-making process of villages along with other economic activities.

  • 113 women are represented through participation in local gram panchayats and committees to increase women's participation in decision-making processes at the village level through the facility of RSKBS.

  • Skill development of 6512 women representing 475 groups. This has increased their family income by 20% to 30%.

  • A total of 56 lakh 15 thousand financial assistance was provided to 247 widows of farmer suicide victims in the district. This assistance has impacted the families through livelihoods such as goat rearing, tailoring, Shwai industry, grocery store, irrigation and electricity system for agriculture, etc. which can be a source of additional income to the existing agriculture.

  • 2457 cases of domestic violence were dealt with out of which 2027 cases were reconciled, 203 cases and 407 cases were mutually settled.


Disaster Management and Covid Relief Work  

  • More than 30500 HHs were affected during the Covid-19 pandemic by coordinating and assisting the community in various aspects like food, health screening, safety measures, vaccination campaigns etc.

  • 1400 needy families have been helped in four districts of Maharashtra by providing primary healthcare services, ration kits, sanitary kits, clothes and warm clothes to the flood victims. 260 children have been given educational materials.


Networking & Collaborations

  • ve consistency in participation in various networks and forums at district, State, & National levels that impacted our growth in mobilising resources for community and knowledge sharing along with cross-learnings of best practices that are likely to intervene in our areas of operation.

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