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Every person with a disability should be able to live in a dignified, and inclusive society We are trying to rehabilitate

Population of persons with disability is 2.68 crores as per census 2011 which is 2.21 % of the total population of India of which 69 % live in rural areas. Even though the percentage of disables is meagre but they are far away from the development. The society has not integrated this section in any of the activity. The disables have collateral position in the collective property of the family and also the secondary place in facilities and rights. Believing this section of the society an inefficient they are denied the employment and hence the condition of disabled has become very complicated. Rasikashraya is therefore, working for the rehabilitation of this section of the society since 2012. It has been working for health, education, socialization, employment and empowerment of 613 persons with disability from 30 villages (23 Gram Panchayats) of Ghatanji block in Yavatmal district. It has been making efforts for bringing about their inclusion for their rights and entitlements. Many changes have been brought about by forming DPO’s at village level and by formulating tactics for solving their problems by themselves. Bringing children with disability in the main stream of education and enhancing skills of disable youths for creating opportunities of employment are other important activities being run. Due to creation of employment opportunities today 96% of youths of the project area are earning money and contributing in the income of their families. Around 96 % of persons with disability are participating in social and cultural activities of the society. The DPO’s are giving emphasis on their right based demands through advocacy.   

  • 38 DPO’s formed in 30 villages, built up their capacity and all their problems and issues are being solved through these DPO’s

  • 98 Children with disability have been brought under main stream of education, imparted skills to 253 youths and created employment opportunities available for them. 


218 PwD’s have started their income generation activities

Our Achievement

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“Rasikashray has been of great help in my life journey, their support has changed my life.”

Payal Raut,

Post Master Bhandarbori 

Impact Story

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