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Right to Health care to protective every one 

Women Child Health and Nutrition Services

RSKBS addresses health and nutrition issues through active community engagement and facilitating local, district, dialogue and action. With a systems strengthening and convergence approach, it promotes the importance of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public systems, strengthening health by using community-based interventions to support household-level nutrition practices rather than replacing them.

RSKBS is working on maternal and child health and nutritional rights for 510 women and children in 16 tribal villages/habitations of Ghatanji block of Yavatmal district. Villages where anemia rate of women is more than 90% and maternal and infant mortality rates are also high in the block. Process through community at all levels especially quality of services to women during pregnancy and child birth, nutrition and maternity planning.

We promote a collaborative approach to address women's child health and nutrition issues through public delivery systems, Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS) and active involvement of the health department and community at the grassroots level.

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